Is your mindset healthy enough to stay on track with your goals? Are you in a funk with your business and life?

Well I know just the remedy, just listen along and I am doing to chat about how to take those negative thoughts and transform them into factors that will rock your world.

[00:49] “What is the purpose of continuing?”
[01:15] Tips on creating a healthy mindset to accomplish goals
[02:17] “We all have our days, but there is a way out”
02:42 18 things mentally strong people do
[03:20] Embracing Change
[04:33] “The best gift is the present”
[06:20] Forgiving the past is a huge factor in pulling you out of your funk
[06:58] Failures are just learning opportunities
[07:55] “How are you judging your worth?”
[10:40] Stay with it and ROCK IT
[11:06] Replacing negative with positive and productive actions
[12:50] Getting you from Sad Sack Sally with the help of people to hold you accountable
[13:31] Reflect to evaluate your days and your progress

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