Accountability is the key factor to keeping you on your success journey.

You probably have some big dreams that seem out of reach. Do you know where to start or how to keep the momentum?

There are some key factors that will help you reach those sky high goals.

[01:19] You can or are rocking it, but there could be one thing you are missing that can really go above and beyond
[02:33] You may be asking yourself how am I going to get from point A to point B?
[03:35] Lets dream BIG! Now, you are going to need steps to get there
[05:19] Write it down!
[06:07] There is a reason we start at the beginning and don’t be afraid to break it down
[07:26] Focus in and you will be able to see the big picture later
[08:10] Breaking it down and having a specific process
[09:36] The missing puzzle piece that will help you achieve your goal
[11:40] Getting coach that is going to be a good fit to help you get there
[14:00] Mentors can be complimentary to your field
[14:56] In order to receive you must also give back
[16:00] Finding your mentor and where to start
[17:39] The right mentor is key and will be honest with you
[19:55] Don’t be afraid to reach out. I am here to help!

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