Do you ever wonder how billion-dollar brand get started? You may be surprised at the answer. Today’s guest explains.

A passionate innovator and entrepreneur, Brian Smith is one of the most sought after business leaders in the country today. As a media guest and inspiring speaker, he is committed to teaching his breakthrough business strategies to entrepreneurs by sharing the “stories” of his own personal adventures building the iconic brand UGG.

Brian Smith

[1:45] How Brian and I met

[2:43] Why the word “power” is scary

[3:15] “The only way to start something is to just get started”

[6:35] Brian’s humble start began as an accountant

[6:55] Goosebumps = birth of UGG brand

[7:30] Good entrepreneurs must have THIS

[8:45] You don’t have to know everything

[10:45] Odd jobs Brian took before UGG “grew up”

[12:20] What’s Brian’s advice on taking business to the next level… it’s a great quote

[13:35] The universe will conspire to work with you once you get started down a path

[15:55] How Brian got a “billion-dollar” idea

[17:20] You can’t wait for the perfect time to get started

[19:03] Tenacity and the right team players lead Brian to get boots to Oprah… this is a great story

[23:17] Get personal with your customers

[25:00] The philosophy Brian lives by and swears he will live by it until he dies…

26:30 Connect with Brian: Facebook/Twitter


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