Morning routines that help you stay productive

Is your morning routine full of chaos? Do you feel less productive and overwhelmed by your daily “to-do” list?

In today’s episode, I’m giving you the scoop on ways to improve your morning routine, so you have a super productive day.


032: The Power of Feeling Your Emotions with Erica Castner

Emotions in the work place is often viewed as a sign of weakness. However, stuffing your emotions can give you a false sense of security. Today, I share how we can check in with ourselves and process our true feelings to be more productive. (more…)

026: The Power of Resources with Kim Harris

Do you find yourself lacking the resources you need to grow and sustain your business? Stick around, today’s Power Factor Podcast is for you.

Recipient of the SBA’s Women in Business Champion of the Year Award, Kim Harris shares information and knowledge that helps small businesses to strengthen their position in the marketplace by helping to connect with working capital, training, and capacity growth strategies. She has raised millions in operating revenue through grants and sponsorships.