033: The Power of Being Coachable with Gala Reitz

Being coachable in business will help you get to that next level of business growth. Today’s guest, Gala Reitz, shares with us how this mantra has helped her launch her businesses.


031: The Power of Boundaries with Erica Castner

Boundaries are a touchy thing to keep in check…especially, when you don’t want to hurt people’s feelings.

Today, I chat about how we can reclaim our boundaries and how to deal with people who challenge them.


029: The Power of Networking Events

Networking can be extremely rewarding but it can also be a pain…especially, if you don’t have a game plan.

Today, I share with you some ways to master your networking efforts.

Why is this skill important? Well, if you heavily rely on “word of mouth” referrals to grow your business, you’re going to want to take notes.


027: The Power of the Truth with Josh Patrick

Truth and transparency values are vital to creating a sustainable business. Today’s guest shares how he honors these values in his business.

Josh Patrick is and has been obsessed with what it takes to create a sustainable business for the past 40 years.

He is a serial entrepreneur who now helps successful private business owners create a business that’s both economically and personally sustainable.


025: The Power of Authenticity with Cynthia James

Do you feel you hide your authenticity because you are afraid of what others will think or say about you? Are you in success in some areas but suffer in other areas? Today’s guest will share with us how to live with authenticity.

Cynthia James is a transformational specialist guiding people as they make changes for lasting healing in their lives. Once a working Hollywood actress, Cynthia excels as a speaker, coach, singer and multiple-award winning author of “What Will Set You Free” and “Revealing Your Extraordinary Essence”.


024: The Power of Taking Risks with Nancy Gaines

Does taking risks, in your business, make you think twice? Are you fearful that people are keeping track of your failures?

Well, today’s guest will help you overcome those fears to embrace risks throughout your entrepreneurial journey.