Morning routines that help you stay productive

Is your morning routine full of chaos? Do you feel less productive and overwhelmed by your daily “to-do” list?

In today’s episode, I’m giving you the scoop on ways to improve your morning routine, so you have a super productive day.


020: The Power of Planning Ahead with Erica Castner

Do you struggle with planning your path to success? Have you hit a plateau, when in comes to taking your business or life the the next level? If so, today’s show is for you…


017: The Power of Taking Control of Your Life with Erica Castner

Do you feel out of control in certain aspects of your life? Wouldn’t it feel great to stop the drama and chaos for good? Today’s show will give you some tips on how to take control of the chaos and drama.


011: How to Overcome Perfectionism with Erica Castner

Do you wear “perfectionism” on your sleeve like a badge of honor? Are you freaked out by imperfections? If you say yes to either of these questions, today show is for you.

We start today show by referencing the two podcast I aired earlier in the week: (more…)

008: Get in the Game of Your Life with Erica Castner

Life’s a game and success comes to those who play it full out. Notice I didn’t say “play it better”.

Today’s episode is all about moving you forward in the game of life. When leaders wait for the “right” time to accomplish their dreams, chances are they will never get there. (more…)