How to get a healthy mindset

Is your mindset healthy enough to stay on track with your goals? Are you in a funk with your business and life?

Well I know just the remedy, just listen along and I am doing to chat about how to take those negative thoughts and transform them into factors that will rock your world. (more…)

002: Knowing When to Make Changes or Cut Your Losses with Bridget Harris

002: Knowing When to Make Changes or Cut Your Losses with Bridget Harris.
Bridget Harris is the co-founder and CEO of I absolutely love this service. She’s also a former advisor to a United Kingdom deputy prime minister. She’s been selected for the 2015 Tech City Insider 100, and she is an advocate for inclusion and diversity in politics and tech.


001: Turning Challenges into Triumph

001: How to turn challenges into success by creating processes and understanding your value with Graham Young.

Graham Young is the founder of Disruptive Performance Coaching and contributor to Time, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Business Insider. He creates human performance programs for business professionals and organizations that optimize the brains ability to minimize fatigue, elevate productivity, and unleash confidence.


000: Introduction to the Power Factor Biz Chat Podcast

Welcome to the Power Factor Biz Chat podcast. This is a podcast that is created for entrepreneurs, business owners, or sales professionals. If you are looking to build authority and visibility in your business, increase productivity and make an impact in your industry, this podcast is for you.

Erica Castner and her guests will deliver bite-size pieces of valuable business building information, three days a week. Each episode will give you the Inspiration and motivation you need to grow and scale your business, build better business relationships, and confidence your communication your message with power, poise, and persistence.