As a business leader, volunteering your time, treasure, and/or talents is essential for development. Today, I share the benefits of volunteering and give you ideas about where you can serve your community.

Before we chatted about today’s topic, I recapped two previous episode:

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Story time: I reached out my good friend, Hannah. She asked me to be on an United Way Allocations team. I gladly accepted the invitation. This ended up being a pretty life changing experience…I explain why.

Business Development 101: Join an United Way Allocation Team

Benefits of volunteering:

1) You are more informed, more knowledgable, you become more valuable

2) You develop different skills

3) You align yourself with “like-minded” people.

4) According to Forbes, people who volunteer feel like the have more time.

5) You are changing lives. Transformation is happening within these organization through your volunteering effort. That’s awesome!

Big shout out to:
Cliff Smith, President of United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades and Okeechobee Counties
Hannah Pelle, Director of Allocations for the United Way,
…and my allocations team: “Team 21”.
You guys rock!

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Want to know what volunteer opportunities are for you? Let’s chat…email me at 

United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades and Okeechobee Counties
Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce
“5 Surprising Benefits of Volunteering” (Forbes article)

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