Boundaries are a touchy thing to keep in check…especially, when you don’t want to hurt people’s feelings.

Today, I chat about how we can reclaim our boundaries and how to deal with people who challenge them.

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[0:40] Do you feel like you’re compromising to keep your current clients happy?

[1:10] Something that really infuriates me (small rant)

[2:40] My philosophy on bartering

[3:38] My first sales experience was at 10 years old I chat about it here

[5:10] Are you getting paid what you deserve?

[5:45] Stop bending over backwards for one person…especially if that person isn’t paying you

[6:45] Boundaries are often challenged when you were customizing packages

[8:37] The importance of having a clear agreements

[9:00] Are you compliant with your website?

9:45 Here are a couple resources that will help you: Laughlin Associates

[12:15] Don’t be afraid to tap into your network

[12:55] That time I didn’t respect my boundaries… That lapse in judgment cost me thousands of dollars


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