Do you feel like circumstances are limiting your from success? Are you constantly blowing off your dreams?

Chances are, the power of your own limiting beliefs is stopping you from accomplishing your goals. Today, I shed some light on the “stuff” that’s keeping your stuck in you tracks

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3:45 The gap of “ish” that’s holding you back (go check out the unedited version of the blog here)

[5:10] Lacking these three elements will keep you stuck

[6:22] To execute your plan with confidence… here is your exercise

[7:05] Foundation of building the confidence bridge

[8:02] Identify where are you are, right now. What’s good? What’s not?

[9:12] Next, ask yourself “where do I want to go?” I share a story of when my life was going to hell in a hand basket

[10:35] Why short-term vision is better than long-term vision

[11:15] Last question… it’s a doozy

[11:50] Be honest with what’s truly holding you back and limiting you from success

[13:43] By writing down the answers this begins to build a bridge of confidence

[14:35] What will help you get from point A to point B

[15:45] What’s happening the next time we meet.

16:10 Want an extra level of accountability? Set up a free, twenty minute call with me to sort this out


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