Being coachable in business will help you get to that next level of business growth. Today’s guest, Gala Reitz, shares with us how this mantra has helped her launch her businesses.

Gala ReitzGala Reitz is the Founder, president and chief executive officer of Windsor Office Suites. She is a powerful combination of business experience and leadership with almost 40 years of professional business experience in operations, client management and customer service. Her professional experience outside the “workspace-as-a-service” industry is as president of an international travel agency.

Today’s show notes

[2:50] Gala shares a bit of her personal world and humble beginnings
[5:23] Transition was a bit of a challenge
[6:26] Gala’s coachable moments
[7:00] We discuss the power of being coachable
[7:14] “Talking is one thing, doing is another.”
[8:26] Sacrifices will need to be made
[8:48] Get help from trusted advisors
[9:27] We all need the train to move us forward
[9:53] Ask, “Where do I need to start?”
[10:23] Being coachable means that you take action despite imperfection
[11:35] Gala was answering the needs of the travel industry. That’s how the Windsor Office Suites was born.
[16:29] Gala says be OK to be outside of the box
[16:45] Ask yourself “how can I fill a void?”
17:05 Gala mentions the book Experience Economy
[18:31] Coachable moment, “Set the ‘stage’ for your business.”
[20:15] Techniques to stay on track with your goals? Look 30, 60, 90 days ahead. Any longer and you may lose focus
[24:52] Get others (a coach) outside of your headspace to help you stay on track
[26:52] Invest in your tools
[27:58] Connect with Gala: add in the subject line: Erica Castner podcast

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