Today’s guest knows to the power of being an effective communicator. Kathy Pabst Robshaw is an experienced sales and marketing trainer, coach, and mentor for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

She has over 35 years experience in Europe and the United States helping companies with lead generation and prospecting. Kathy is the current Membership Development Director for the Central Pinellas Chamber of Commerce.

Kathy Pabst

In today’s episode you will get to hear from Kathy Pabst Robshaw who is an experienced business woman, who has mastered the art of effective communication.

We will talk about how she has gotten to where she is and what helps keep her on track. There are many pieces of great insight in this episode, so tune in!


[02:39]: Kathy’s story on how she got where she is today.
[04:39] How Kathy is empowering her members and how you can do the same!
[05:08] Body language is an unspoken language
[06:04] Having the right body language to show confidence and positivity
[06:27] Kathy’s moment of being overwhelmed. We have all been there.
[08:13] Being an effective communicator with a Chamber organization means THIS!
[10:36] Give and you will receive. Two way street partnerships are beneficial you both!
[11:59] Kathy’s personal and business development will shine a light and help show you a way you can grow as well.
[13:34] Getting the Power! What is Kathy’s resource to get that power? Think about where you get your power!
[14:55] Let’s revisit the power of accountability!
[15:46] That one thing that keeps Kathy focused and sane. What is your method or have you already established one? If not listen in to see how it benefits Kathy’s life.
[17:45] Piece of advice to get you propelled into your week and the weeks ahead!
18:55 Want more? Connect with Kathy for more great information!

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