Truth and transparency values are vital to creating a sustainable business. Today’s guest shares how he honors these values in his business.

Josh Patrick is and has been obsessed with what it takes to create a sustainable business for the past 40 years.

He is a serial entrepreneur who now helps successful private business owners create a business that’s both economically and personally sustainable.

Josh has been a blogger for the NY Times, as well as, hosting his own podcasts, The Sustainable Business.

Josh Patrick

Josh believes every business owner is just one great question being answered from getting unstuck.

[3:10] Josh shares how he helps business owners

[6:18] The question to ask yourself when you make a mistake

7:30 Why Josh is a fan on W. Edward Demming

[8:20] The real truth behind failures

[10:05] Josh shares two moments that should have put him out of business

[13:13] Being honest helped him save his business

[15:05] Josh’s advice: “Tell the truth…stop spinning”

[15:50] Josh reveals an exciting project he s working on

[18:18] He lives by the principle of being a “student” of business

[20:24] Josh suggest being a life long learner (operational doable)

[21:03] A helpful tip about attending seminars

[22:45] He reveal his “two week” rule…it’s awesome

[23:45] Another truth about business: “Fail fast, fail cheap”

24:57 Connect with Josh Twitter Facebook

[25:17] Final piece of wisdom

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