The ability to connect with business professionals, authentically, can seem over-whelming and scary. But, today’s “Power Factor” guest, Kerri Courtright shares how simple it is to connect, collaborate and support like-minded professionals.Kerri Courtright is the Co-Founder and Brand Ambassador of Today’s Growth Consultant/Income Store. Kerri spent time as a cheerleader for the Chicago Bulls, representing the Chicago Bulls organization in many capacities. In addition to her role at TGC, she is an elected official and supports a variety of community organizations. Kerri speaks to the importance of businesses “presence” in the marketplace

Kerri Courtright

[4:09] As a child, Kerri’s mom gave her some great advice on how to connect with other women.

[7:10] The importance of connection

[8:12] Kerri explains a simple way women can empower, uplift, and connect with each other.

[9:30] We chatted about integrity and follow through

[11:39] No matter how amazing you are, Kerri suggests connecting with others who can hold you accountable.

12:04 The book that changed the way Kerri’s family connects and communicates.

[13:16] Be accountable. Find the coaches, peers. masterminds, conferences, and other events that will hold your feet to the fire.

[14:35] Kerri reveals what she can’t live without. She shares a story about how she used to wear all the hats and feel guilty about giving any of those up.

15:42 Kerri has a special message for all the “Power Moms in Business”.

[17:43] We discussed how we can show our kids how they can connect with people and resources in the future.

[19:45] Her secret weapon to research anything… It’s mine too

[21:15] Shift shifting gears carry gives us the scoop on her company the income store and how they provide passive income

[23:30] Most people don’t know THIS about websites

25:00 What started as an annual event for site partners it has turned into one powerful weekend – October 20 through 23 Visit:

[27:55] Details of what will happen on Saturday at the conference

[30:52] Ways to connect with Kerri outside of the Power Factor Biz Chat interview:

[31:32] Parting piece of advice

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