Does taking risks, in your business, make you think twice? Are you fearful that people are keeping track of your failures?

Well, today’s guest will help you overcome those fears to embrace risks throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

Nancy Gaines is a bestselling author, global speaker, and has a podcast which is downloaded in over 45 countries. She spent two decades with IBM, consulting to major Fortune 100 companies. Today Nancy and her team assist business owners so they move from overwhelm to overwhelming results – consistently.

Nancy Gaines

Nancy’s podcast is reached 45 countries. Listen if you want to skyrocket your business growth

[3:10] People are approachable… just reach out

[5:27] Nancy talks about the risks that she’s taken in her life.

[8:40] Three ways to get over the fear of taking risks

[10:48] No one consumes our content as much as we do

[11:38] That time Nancy was covered in frosting

[14:02] A vulnerable moment: Nancy felt less powerful when…

[15:20] How can you calculate risks? Through the help of coaches and mentors

[16:00] We can only be as good as our own skill set

[16:23] Why being the “dumbest” one in the room, rocks

[18:29] Sandra Yancey quote, “Run your own race”.

[21:42] Nancy’s favorite quote: “Doubt will take you out of action, action will get you out of doubt”.

In other words, take risks…you’ll learn lots of lessons.

[23:11] A big shout out to the tool: The Freedom Journal

Top three points:

1. Stop fearing, start doing
2. Detach yourself from the outcome
3. Remember, almost everything can be undone


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2. The Freedom Journal
3. Nancy’s special bonus for Power Factor listeners

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